Industrial & Production Engineering (IPE)

Industrial and production Engineering (IPE) is a lucrative subject in both national and global arena. As Bangladesh has full filled the conditions of getting out of least developed country (LDC) and bouncing towards a sustainable, welfare and developed country with massive industrial development, it needs quality, intelligence and innovation in every sector more than ever. Keeping this fact in mind Faculty of Engineering and Technology of University of Dhaka introduced IPE subject in NITER from 2016-2017.
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Lab Facility

Graphic Language is a major course for all engineering departments. It is the communication medium used by engineers and technologist to communicate with the professionals involved in the design and manufacture of machines, building, bridges etc. In this lab, students can learn how to draw various machines elements, 3D object which is very useful in their job life. NITER has a well-furnished Engineering Graphics laboratory with drafting instruments such as, Drawing board, T-Square, Triangles, Compasses, and Pencils etc.

Engineering Materials Lab demonstrates the relationship between microstructure and mechanical properties of metals and their alloys used in engineering design and presents guidelines to assist the designer in selecting the right materials for a given job. To identify any defects in metal surface, we use Trinocular metallurgical microscope in our laboratory and introduce our students with different hardness testing method used for metal hardness testing like Rockwell hardness and Brinell hardness testing. By using Digital Muffle Furnace (DMF) instead of Open Furnace, students can safely practice without any accident while doing heat treatment in the laboratory.

Fluid mechanics is the branch of engineering which deals with the mechanics of fluid particles of both the liquids and gases whether the fluid particles remain at rest or in motion. At present condition of industrial revolution, the knowledge of fluids applied in the industrial and production sector is a mandatory thing for the development of the sector. For the engineers, the practical knowledge is the foremost requirement.  Fluid Mechanics Lab provides the best facilities of gaining knowledge with an ease.

The Manufacturing Process Laboratory equipped with Hexagonal Turret Lathe, Horizontal Milling Machine, Surface Grinding Machine and Radial Drilling Machine. This lab is effective to familiarize students with metal working process for repetitive production of duplicate parts with the help of Turret Lathe which is evolved from earlier Engine Lathe. Students also get to know the removal process of machining parameters from the machinery.

This laboratory is equipped with various welding setup such as Electric Arc Welding, Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding, Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding. This lab provides facilities to the students to get introduced with the casting processes to prepare the mold to create desired final shape by using pattern. Consequently, melting the metal, pouring it into a mold, and giving time to cool and solidify are also introduced. Students have the great opportunity to know the instruments and considerations used in foundry practice.

The Solid Mechanics Laboratory is used to conduct tests to identify materials, study their mechanical properties, analyse product and process failures through mechanical testing. It is well equipped with Universal Testing Machine (UTM), Impact Testing Machine, Analogue Force Displayer, Bending Moment Calculator, Rockwell and Brinell Hardness Tester, Twist and Bending Machine, Fatigue Testing Machine, and Column Testing Machine.

Thermodynamics and heat transfer is one of the vital branches of engineering, where heat and temperature of any system or process is focused. Optimum production efficiency of a machine or process is highly depended on the smooth running condition. Heat and temperature are playing the key role for smooth running condition of machine. Industrial and Production Engineering department try to give essential and practical knowledge about thermodynamics and heat transfer for machine, production process and system with proper measurement of safety for the students.

NITER has a well-established Ergonomics and Product Design Lab where student can gain an understanding of ergonomically design techniques and introduce with measuring instruments. This is an embellished laboratory with various basic and applied research facilities for both physical and cognitive ergonomics. Student develops different engineering products utilizing their knowledge of Ergonomics and show their innovation and modification.

IPE automation lab is designed to introduce students with the automation and numerical control facets of engineering science. In modern science and technology, both automation and logic control system are considered as the most lucrative facilities. With the endeavor to provide familiarity on automation and control to the students, Instrumentation and Control Laboratory is equipped with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Lathe Machine.

Mechanical Engineering lab is equipped with lathe machine, universal strength tester, shaping machine, cutting machine, drill machine, welding machine, circular saw and various types of tools for carpenters.