A seminar on How to Face an Interview Confidently

An Special Training Titled “Density Functional Theory (DFT)

Faculty Development Program titled Exam System and Invigilation Process

A Workshop on Web Application Development

A Training on Outcome-Based Education (OBE)

The Inclusive Leadership

NITER Engages in Collaborative Digital Skills Training Initiative funded by ICT Division, GoB in Coo...

মহান স্বাধীনতা ও জাতীয় দিবস উপলক্ষ্যে আলোচনা সভা

A seminar on Career Growth and Upcoming Challenges

A seminar on Spinning Success: Journey to High-ranking Position

MoU Signing Ceremony Between RH Corporation and NITER

A Seminar on Flourish Your Career in Digital Printing

নবীন বরণ ও পিঠা উৎসব- ২০২৪ অনুষ্ঠানে আমন্ত্রিত অতিথিবৃন্দ

নবীন বরণ ও পিঠা উৎসব- ২০২৪

Lecture Series with Industrial Experts