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National Institute of Textile Engineering and Research (NITER) is the first education institute running as a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) organization under the   Ministry of Textiles & Jute, GoB. It is located in its own campus at Nayarhat, Savar, Dhaka adjacent to the Dhaka-Aricha highway and enjoys excellent  communication facilities connecting among important cities of the country. The total campus. Read more



  • We endeavor to equip our graduates with both technical knowledge and skills so that they may contribute to the industry, while achieving excellence as professionals.

    image Professor Dr. Mohammed Mizanur Rahman Principal. NITER
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Kazi Andaleeb Amin
M.A in History, University of Dhaka.
B.A ( Hon’s) in History, University of Dhaka.

Member of Purchase Committee
Member-Secretary of Transport Committee
Focal Person of SEIP-NITER Project

Cell: (+880)-1715818309
Email: mail.andaleeb@gmail.com

Md. Mazharul Islam
M.A in Information Science & Library Management, University of Dhaka
B.A (Hon’s). in Information Science & Library Management, University of Dhaka

Cell: (+880)-1922-495523
Email: mdmazharulislam884@gmail.com


Dr. Sima Akter
MBBS (Enam Medical & Hospital)
CMU (Certificate in medical ultrasound) CMUD

Resident Medical Officer (Medical Center)
Cell: (+880)-1755084350
Email: simaakter540@gmail.com


Delwar Hossain
MBA (Finance), M.Sc & B.Sc. in Mathematics

Assistant Controller of Examination (Office of the Registrar)
Cell: (+880)-171236867, (+880)-1676480636
Email: delwar.math98@gmail.com


Sayed Abdul Hasib
BBA, MBA, CMA Partly Qualified

Accounts Officer (Office of the Accounts & Audit)
Cell: (+880)-1736719565
Email: abdulHasib321@gmail.com


Ruhul Amin
B.A (Pass) (National University)

Assistant Registrar (Office of the Registrar)
Cell: (+880)- 1820008876
Email: ruhulniter@gmail.com


Md. Abu Hanifa Mehedi
B.Sc and M.Sc (Thesis) in forestry (SUST)

Assistant Registrar (Office of the Registrar)
Cell: (+880)- 1712685451
Email: mehedi.fes@gmail.com


Shaun Akter
B F A Finearts(Graphic Design) Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nozrul Islam university
M F A Finearts (Graphic Design) cont-Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nozrul Islam university

Section Officer (Office of the Principal)
Cell: (+880)01755-060275
Email: charu.shawon@gmail.com


Md. Momin Shikder
M.S.S. in Sociology (Dhaka College)

Section Officer (Office of the Registrar)
Cell: (+880)-1853523529, (+880)-1671544589
Email: mail.mominshikder@gmail.com


Nazrul Haider
M.B.A. in Finance & Banking, Dhaka International University.
Masters in Business Studies (Accounting),Govt. Titumir College, Dhaka.
Bachelor in Business Studies (Accounting),Govt. Titumir College, Dhaka.

Section Officer (Office of the Accounts & Audit)
Cell: (+880)-1920105323
Email: nazrulmunna@gmail.com


MD. Newaz Sharif
MBS in Accounting, Dhaka College
Bachelor in Business Studies (Accounting),Govt. Tolaram College

Section Officer (Office of the Accounts & Audit)
Cell: (+880)-1740235401.
Email: newazsharifbd@yahoo.com


S.M. Nahid Kamal

M.S.S in Archaeology, JU
B.S.S (Hon’s), JU

Section Officer (Office of the Registrar)
Cell: (+880)-1739452641, (+880)-1689320934
Email: smnahid1991@gmail.com


Mst. Shereen Akter Parvin
B.A (Pass) (Dhaka University)

Junior Officer (Office of the Registrar)
Cell: (+880)- 1711017931
Email: shereenshikha@gmail.com


Md. Anwar Hossain
Masters in Business Studies (Accounting), Govt. Bangla College, Mirpur, Dhaka.
Bachelor in Business Studies (Accounting), Savar University College, Savar, Dhaka.

Junior Officer (Accounts)
Cell: (+880)-1917962599
Email: anwar.nskb@gmail.com


Parimal Karmaker
Masters in Business Studies (Accounting), Kabi Najrul Govt. College, Dhaka.
Bachelor in Business Studies (Accounting), Brindaban Govt. College, Habigonj

Junior Officer (Office of the Registrar)
Cell: (+880)-1733581786.


Md. Awlad Hossen
B.B.S (pass), National University

Junior Officer (Office of the Registrar)
Cell: (+880)-1913826772, (+880)-1736343026
Email: awlad.h49@gmail.com


Md. Rejoanul Islam
MBA (Management), Govt. Azizul Haque College,Bogra.

Junior Officer (Office of the Exam)
Cell: (+880)-1740018359, (+880)-1825025060
Email: rejoanrocky@gmail.com


Md. Nazmul Hasan
MSS in Economics (NU)

Junior Officer (Office of the Registrar)
Cell: (+880)-1722991154
Email: nazmulbdrp@gmail.com


Md. Manowar Azom Leton
M.B.S & B.B.S in Accounting (kushtia Govt. College)

Junior Officer (Accounts)
Cell: (+880)-1717135892
Email: leton.206@gmail.com

pppThe Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) is a national policy initiated to accelerate the subsector’s growth to meet the Vision 2021 Goal of the country. In August 2010, the Government of Bangladesh issued the Policy and Strategy for Public Private Partnership (PPP) to facilitate the development of core sector public infrastructure and services vital for the people of Bangladesh. The PPP program is part of the Government's Vision 2021 goal to ensure a more rapid, inclusive growth trajectory, and to better meet the need for enhanced, high quality public services in a fiscally sustainable manner.

Under this new national policy, the PPP Office was established as a separate, autonomous office under the Prime Minister's Office to support sector line ministries to facilitate identification, development and tendering of PPP projects to international standards. A PPP Unit under the Ministry of Finance was established to foster an environment of fiscal responsibility and sustainability in PPP projects (ref & more details).


NITER came under PPP in 2009 through Ministry of Textiles and Jute, Government of Bangladesh and Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA). That means, NITER is run with a non-commercial view to provide better academic environment and develop efficient textile engineers who would take challenge in coming days.

To increase the merit competition and assist those who would perform better with some support, NITER has approved a generous scholarship scheme. The award will be offered in each September in a prescribed format.

  1. Main Criteria:
    1. The fund will be distributed in two forms:
      1. Merit Scholarship and
      2. Financial Aid to needy but meritorious students.
    2. Students will be awarded Merit Scholarship and Financial Aid for each academic year.
    3. For each year, 50% of the approved fund will be awarded as Merit Scholarship and another 50% will be awarded as Financial Aid.
    4. Merit Scholarship will be awarded solely on CGPA secured to date. In case of multiple students with equal CGPA then sorting criteria will be sequentially as:
      1. Class Attendance
      2. Current year In-course Assessment.
      3. Latest year GPA
    5. In case of First year, Merit Position secured in Admission Test will be considered as the basis of the selection.
    6. For Financial Aid, suitable candidates will be selected by an assessment of 100 marks where 50 marks will be assigned on merit performance (CGPA or Admission Test Score) and 50 marks will be assigned on financial condition.

  2. Primary eligibility for a student to apply for above schemes:

    A student must fulfill the following criteria to apply or to be considered for this scholarship scheme

    1. His/her CGPA is not less than 3.0 (not applicable to First Year Students).
    2. His/her Class Attendance of running year is not less than 75%.
    3. He/she is not undergoing any retake Course or any retake Final Examination in running year.
    4. He/she has not applied for or is not receiving or being considered to receive any other financial benefit from NITER.
    5. He/she has not received any kind of punishment from Academic Council in his/her academic life in NITER.


You need to apply in the prescribed form. Download the application form from this page.

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