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National Institute of Textile Engineering and Research (NITER) is the first education institute running as a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) organization under the   Ministry of Textiles & Jute, GoB. It is located in its own campus at Nayarhat, Savar, Dhaka adjacent to the Dhaka-Aricha highway and enjoys excellent  communication facilities connecting among important cities of the country. The total campus. Read more



  • We endeavor to equip our graduates with both technical knowledge and skills so that they may contribute to the industry, while achieving excellence as professionals.

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Center for Research and Industrial Relation (CRIR) Wing



Center for Research and Industrial Relation (CRIR) wing is as an autonomous wing of National Institute of Textile Engineering and Research (NITER) which is working for the betterment of this Institution. The wing has been initiated on 15 March 2014 named as “Research and Development (R&D)” wing and renamed as Center for Research and Industrial Relation wing on 26.02.2015. Afterwards, the wing has taken various initiatives e.g. research project, seminar, workshop, exhibition, textile based competition. The wing runs on the basis of four following categories:

  1. a) Academic Research
  2. b) Non-academic Research
  3. c) Industrial Relations and Others
  4. d) Training & Development

a) Academic Research: Under academic research category, the projects of undergraduate students are coordinated which is an essential part of B.Sc. in Textile Engineering course.

b) Non-academic Research: The task of non-academic research is to do various contemporary research works with the help of domestic and foreign collaboration. After establishing, various research projects has been taken. Among them some are mentioned here:


1. Banana Fibre Project: “Banana Fibre Project” has been done

under the financial aid of UNIDO. The aim of
With joint collaboration of “Probortana”

this project is to extraction of banana fibe and

its application in various fields including fabric

manufacturing. The research team of CRIR wing

had successfully extract the banana fibre of

different quality and manufacture fabric in its own workshop. Advance research on Banana fibre is going on which is intended to reduction of resiliency of Banana fibre and increasing its flexibility.

2. Banana Fibre Extraction Plant Installation:

Research team of CRIR wing successfully installed a

Banana Fiber Extraction Plant at Tangail for Bangladesh

Women Chamber of Commerce and Industries (BWCCI).

Several Booklets and manuscript had been made by the

CRIR wing Team on Banana fiber and its extraction.

The booklets has been transferred to BWCCI.

3.Exhibition, Publication, Workshop: CRIR wing arranged a very successful “Mini research exhibition” within it’s a short tenure after establishing. In this exhibition students of NITER displayed various machine model and different particulars related to textile, fashion, apparel etc. A design book on this exhibition is going to be published within a short time.

c) Industrial Relations and Others: Frequent industrial tours for the students are arranged by the wing. So far CRIR has completed more than 20 industrial tours. In addition to it, the wing has also a strong team for Industrial Troubleshooting. Recently the wing has solved several problem in Fabric finishing in GTS sportswear Ltd.

d) Training and Developments:

1. Certificate course on ETP: With the collaboration of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), CRIR wing successfully continuing

a program entitled “Certificate Course on Maintenance and

Operation of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP).

2. Seminars and Symposiums: The CRIR wing has successfully arranged various seminars on recent issues on textile science and engineering. Recently a representative team of Microfibre group have done a seminar in NITER. Later on, another seminar is being arranged led by Country Director, ASUTEX group.

3. Skill for Employment & Investment project (SEIP) : NITER with association of BTMA has taken a 3(three) years plan to implement “Skill for Employment & Investment project” for the employment seeking unskilled manpower with financial assistance of Asian Development Bank(ADB). The project will be implemented in 3 years beginning from Jan 2015. All 30960 persons will be trained under this project. Such training will be given in 32 different disciplines of Spinning, Weaving & Processing to the different level Management staffs of member mills. The Project will be supervised by the Ministry of Finance.




Dear Students,
we are pleased to inform you that, beside the campus doctor, NITER has made a corporate agreement with nearby Enam Medical College Hospital. From now on, you can enjoy 30% discount on services there.

Procedure you need to follow:

  1. The Agreement DOES NOT COVER OUT DOOR TICKETS. The value of OUT DOOR TICKET is BDT 300 for first meet and BDT 200 for next meet within 28 days. On Friday, the ticket value may range up to BDT 500.
  2.  When you buy outdoor ticket or get admission there, please make sure that your address is shown as "NITER". It is essential for their documentation regarding discount on corporate agreement.
  3. Except OUT DOOR TICKETS, for all other services, you need to pay an initial amount (e.g. for medical tests, you need to deposit 50%).
  4. Finalize your bill after completing your business. The payment counter at main entrance generally finalizes the TOTAL BILL.
  5. Collect your identification letter from NITER.
    1. In most cases, your ID card + The Agreement Paper is enough for identification. You can use it anytime.
    2. Identification Letter is specially required for your family members.
  6. After finalizing the TOTAL BILL, meet Mr. Babul Rudra, Assistant Director (Room No: 106) or go to Room no: 111and submit your bill with your IDENTIFICATION. We hope, your discount against corporate agreement will be marked here.
    1. If you feel any difficulties about your discount, contact Mr. Md. Ariful Haque (Faruq), Medical Promotion Officer, cell: 01716-358 146.
    2. If it does not solve, contact the person in NITER who looks after the Corporate Agreement.
  7. Now go to Room No: 215 to collect your discount token. Submit the token to any Payment Counter on that floor. You will get a new bill with necessary adjustment. You can pay the adjusted amount in that counter at the same time.


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To increase the merit competition and assist those who would perform better with some support, NITER has approved a generous scholarship scheme. The award will be offered in each September in a prescribed format.

  1. Main Criteria:
    1. The fund will be distributed in two forms:
      1. Merit Scholarship and
      2. Financial Aid to needy but meritorious students.
    2. Students will be awarded Merit Scholarship and Financial Aid for each academic year.
    3. For each year, 50% of the approved fund will be awarded as Merit Scholarship and another 50% will be awarded as Financial Aid.
    4. Merit Scholarship will be awarded solely on CGPA secured to date. In case of multiple students with equal CGPA then sorting criteria will be sequentially as:
      1. Class Attendance
      2. Current year In-course Assessment.
      3. Latest year GPA
    5. In case of First year, Merit Position secured in Admission Test will be considered as the basis of the selection.
    6. For Financial Aid, suitable candidates will be selected by an assessment of 100 marks where 50 marks will be assigned on merit      performance (CGPA or Admission Test Score) and 50 marks will be assigned on financial condition.
  2. Primary eligibility for a student to apply for above schemes:

    A student must fulfill the following criteria to apply or to be considered for this scholarship scheme

    1. His/her CGPA is not less than 3.0 (not applicable to First Year Students).
    2. His/her Class Attendance of running year is not less than 75%.
    3. He/she is not undergoing any retake Course or any retake Final Examination in running year.
    4. He/she has not applied for or is not receiving or being considered to receive any other financial benefit from NITER.
    5. He/she has not received any kind of punishment from Academic Council in his/her academic life in NITER.

You need to apply in the prescribed form. Download the application form from this page.

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