Name: Tanvir Islam Rajib

Designation: Lecturer in Physics

Cell No.: +88-01719-844051    


ORCID ID:                                                  


Google Scholar Profile: user =NbGnsAAAAJ&hl=en


M.Phil. in Meteorology: 2016-2018 (2 Year)          

Jahangirnagar University (JU), Bangladesh (BD)

N.B.: Ongoing

M.Sc. in Physics: 2013-2014 (1 Year, Thesis Group)        

Jahangirnagar University, BD

Result (in GPA): 4.00 on a scale of 4.00

B.Sc. (Hons) in Physics: 2009-2013 (4 Year)

Jahangirnagar University, BD

Result (in CGPA): 3.80 on a scale of 4.00


1.  Faculty in Physics, National Institute of Textile Engineering and Research (NITER), which is a constituent institute of University of Dhaka under the faculty of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka, BD. In addition to the preparation and delivery of lectures, I am also responsible for assisting in subject revision and assessing students. Courses Taught: Physics-I & II and Physics Sessional [Since February 2018].

2.  Adjunct Faculty in Physics under the Civil & Mechanical Engineering Department, Sonargoan University, Dhaka, BD. Courses Taught: Physical and Geometrical Optics; Waves and Oscillation; Wave Mechanics; Heat and Thermodynamics; Structure of Matter, Electricity and Magnetism, Modern Physics, and Physics Laboratory [May to August 2015 and July 2016 to January 2018].

 3.  Adjunct Faculty in Physics under the Civil Engineering Department, Presidency University, Dhaka, BD. Courses Taught: Electricity and Magnetism, Solid State Physics, and Modern Physics [September to December 2016].


1.   Research Assistant, Plasma Physics Research Laboratory, Department of Physics, JU [November 2013 to August 2015].

2.   Research Assistant, The Red-Green Computing Centre (www. from where completed a project successfully on “Interaction of Amino Acids/Peptide with Different Chemical Species’’ [June 2014 to December 2014].

3.   Research Assistant, Storm Warming Centre under Bangladesh Meteorological Department [Since May 2016].


1.   T. I. Rajib, S. Sultana, and A. A. Mamun, “Solitary Waves in Pulsar Magnetosphere” Astrophysics and Space Science (Netherland) 357, 1 (2015).

2.   T. I. Rajib, S. Sultana, and A. A. Mamun, “Nonlinear Compressional Alfvén Waves in a Fully Relativistic Electron-Positron Plasma” IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science (USA) 45, 4 (2017).

3.   T. I. Rajib, S. Sultana, and A. A. Mamun, “Shear Alfvén Waves in a Magnetized Electron-Positron Plasma” IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science (USA) 46, 7 (2018).

4.   T. I. Rajib et al, “Structure and Dynamics of Small Amino Acids with Urea Investigated by Density Functional Theory and ab initio Molecular Dynamics Simulation’’ (Preparing).


  • “Solitary Waves in Pulsar Magnetosphere” which has been awarded the 1st prize in International Conference on Recent Advances on Mathematical and Physical Sciences held on 27-29 January 2018 at Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


  • ‘‘Nonlinear Phenomena in Rotating Astrophysical Objects’’ ISBN: 9783668683723, GRIN Publishing, Germany, 2018.


  • Journal of Physics and Astronomy Research, Premier Publisher, USA.
  • Physics and Astronomy International Journal, MedCrave Publishing Group, USA.
  • Expert Opinion on Astronomy and Astrophysics, Whioce Publisher, Singapore [EBM].


1.   Best Student Award for B.Sc. (Hons.).

2.   Regular Merit Based Annual Scholarships (2010-2014) from JU.

3.   Students Welfare Fund Scholarship (2012-13) from the Dept. of Physics, JU.

4.   National Science & Technology (N.S.T.) Fellowship (2014-2015) from the Ministry of N.S.T for M.Sc. by research, BD.

5.   Amina-Aeenuddin Memorial Scholarship for 1st position in B.Sc. (Hons.) and secured the highest marks of the class in the academic year 2013, JU.