NITER is the place of excellence gives more worth with the very facilities of two computer laboratories for the NITER graduate.

One is dedicated for the Textile department and the other is for IPE- Industrial Production Engineering dept. (newly started dept. from 2016-2017). Computer lab runs some crucial programs that enhance the skill of basic computer compatible with programming language(C, C++), various CAD program (garments CAD, weaving CAD, Lectra Modaris etc.) and Hardware program.

Computer Lab facilitates students with:

  • Each lab contains 35 computers with updated version of configuration.
  • Each and every students work with dedicated computer.
  • Programming languages(C, C++) and Hardware program are executed.
  • Textile softwares (Lectra Modaris,Garments and Weaving CAD etc) are executed.
  • The Wi-Fi network of NITER is a smart completion of NITER computer lab. The whole LAN of NITER, including the Wi-Fi zone of NITER are continuously monitoring by computer lab.
  • Multimedia projector for taking class lectures and DSLR is for capturing any academic necessities.
  • vailable for practicing Programming and different Textile design work
  • NITER has complete student information(Ongoing process of data update) prepared and maintained by computer lab.



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