Department of Yarn Manufacturing Engineering:

Yarn Manufacturing Engineering Dept. provides theoretical education of latest technology as well as industry oriented practical knowledge. Ours yarn manufacturing lab is the largest lab of NITER which is well equipped with industry scale full production length machineries. We have production oriented blow room line from Automatic Bale Opener to both modern Chute-feed as well as conventional Scutcher machine which is followed by Trutzschler Card, Rieter Draw-frame, Lap-former, Comber, Simplex and Ring-frame of Chinese brand. Final package is delivered by Savio (Orion) Autoconer with Loepfe electronic yarn clearer. We have also modern OE Rotor spinning machine and maintenance machineries and equipment. We teach our students technology of all the above machineries with combination of Bale Management Software and Quality Control Machineries (i.e. Advance Fiber Information System (aQura) ,USTER Tester, Lea strength Tester, Single Yarn Strength Tester etc) from CSE and QC lab. Yarn Manufacturing Engineering Dept. always collaborate with several spinning industries of our country to frequently arrange indusial tour for all students as well as internship for outgoing students. We have a plan to install more modern machineries such as USTER HVI, Twister, Texturizing and air-jet spinning machine.