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Rony Mia

Faculty Profile



Rony Mia






Contact information:

Name of the Dept.

Textile Engineering (Wet Processing Engineering)




Web Link

Google Scholar || Research Gate || LinkedIn || ORCID || Scopus ID

Academic Details:

M.Sc in Textile Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

Wuhan Textile University,

Wuhan, China.

M.Sc in Textile Engineering (Wet Process Engineering)

Bangladesh University of Textiles

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

B.Sc in Textile Engineering

(Specialization in Wet Processing Engineering)

University of Dhaka.

(National Institute of Textile Engineering & Research (NITER)

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Employment History:

Teaching Experience:

February 2017- Present


Department of Textile Engineering (Wet Processing)

National Institute of Textile Engineering & Research (NITER),

Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Professional Experience:

February 2016- January 2017

Executive Engineer

Hamid Fabrics Limited

Narshingdi, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Research Experience:

September 2019- July 2021

Research Assistant

Wuhan Textile University,

Wuhan, China.


  • 1-month Training on Garments CAD (Lectra Modaris & Lectra Diamino) at AAMRA Resource Limited from 1 January, 2017- 30 January, 2017. 
  • 15 days Training on Effective Teaching technique & Pedagogy at LCBS from 20 December, 2017 to 3 January, 2018.
  • 3 days Industrial Assessors Training program at LCBS from 15th to 17th July, 2017. 
  • 2 months Industrial Training at Hamid Fabrics Limited from January to February, 2016. 

Factory Visit:

  • Saishunkan Co. Ltd., Otokuni-gun, 618-0071, Japan
  • Honda Motorcycle Plant, Ozu-machi, Kikuchi-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan.

Awards & Recognition:

  • Awarded Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC)-2019 for master’s program at Wuhan Textile University, Wuhan, China. 
  • Positioned 1st class 1st in B.Sc. in Textile Engineering Examination-2015 from NITER under the University of Dhaka.
  • Awarded Turkiyeburslari scholarships-2019 for master’s degree in Graduate Scholarship Programs, Turkey.
  • 2020 Bangladesh – Sweden Trust Foundation Scholarship.
  • Nominated as a young researcher under Sakura Exchange Program in science by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) in 2018 at Kumamoto University, Japan.
  • Got Scholarship in Class five & Class Eight.
  • Awarded 1st Place for Composition writing in Jhenidah district at 2009.
  • Awarded 3rd Place in NITER Mini Research Exhibition 2014.     

Research Interest:

  • Synthesis of Nano Materials
  • Advanced Materials Chemistry
  • Synthesis of Fluorescent Compound
  • Smart Wearable Textiles

Publications: (* indicates corresponding author)

Paper Published in 2021:

1.   Rony Mia*, Md. Salauddin Sk, Zubair Bin Sayed Oli, Taosif Ahmed, Shabrina Kabir, Md. Azhar Waqar, Functionalizing cotton fabrics through herbally synthesized nanosilver, Cleaner Engineering and Technology, Vol:4, 2021,100227,

2.   Rony Mia*, Suraiya Sultana, Md. Sajjadul Karim Bhuiyan & Md. Minhajul Islam: Improving ballistic performance of Kevlar fabrics by resin treatment, The Journal of The Textile Institute, July, 2021,

3.   Md. Salauddin Sk, Rony Mia*, Md. Anamul Haque, Al Mojnun Shamim: Review on Extraction and Application of Natural Dyes, Textile & Leather Review; June, 2021;

4.   Md Taufiq Khan, Md Abdullah Al Mamum, Rony Mia*, Anchang Xu, Mohammad Mamunur Rashid: Effect of Different Solvent Systems on Fiber Morphology and Property of Electrospun PCL Nano Fibers, Tekstil ve Mühendis, 2021, 28: 122, 61-76;

5.   Xue Chen, Jie Fang, Sijie Liao, Rony Mia, Wenjin Li, Chao Gao, Di Tian, Wei Li: A smart chitosan nonwoven fabric coated with coumarin-based fluorophore for selective detection and efficient adsorption of mercury (II) in water, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical; Volume 342,2021,130064;

6.   Pran Krisna Saha, Rony Mia*, Yang Zhou, Taosif Ahmed: Functionalization of hydrophobic nonwoven cotton fabric for oil and water repellency. SN Applied Sciences, Springer Publication; April, Volume:  3, 586, 2021;

7.   Rony Mia*, Al Mamun Md Abdullah, Wu Hui; Research Prospects, Higher Education and World University Ranking in China: A Review, World Studies in Education, vol. 21, no. 2, pp. 59-73, 2021,


Paper Published in 2020:

8.   Rony Mia*, Suraiya Sultana: Fabrication and Properties of Silver Nanowires (AgNWs) Functionalized Fabric. SN Applied Sciences, Springer Publication; December, Volume: 2, 2052, 2020;

9.   Rony Mia*, Imon Biswas Shuva, Md. Abdullah Al Mamun, Md. Abu Bakar, Md. Faridul Islam Rumman, Md. Moshiur Rahman: The Fabrication of Composite Material  Based on Natural Macromolecules: A Review. Open Access Library Journal; December, 2020; 7(12), DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1106977.

10.  Md. Mahfuzur Rahman, Tarek Md. Anamul Haque, Nafish Sams Sourav, Sadia Rahman, Subrina Yesmin, Rony Mia, Abdullah Al Noman, Khadija Begum: Synthesis and investigation of dyeing properties of 8hydroxyquinolinebased azo dyes. Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society, September, Volume: 18, 817–826 (2021);

11.  Sourav Kumar Das, Bulbul Ahmed, Rony Mia, Abu Bakar, Injamam Ul Huq,Dan Xie : Crystallinity of FRCM/GPM with High PB through Microbial Growth. Advances in Nanoparticles 10/2020; 9(4):81-116, DOI: 10.4236/anp.2020.94006

12.  Taosif Ahmed, Rony Mia*, Md Navid Tanjim, Md Azhar Waqar, Bulbul Ahmed, Md Mahamudul Hasan, Anik Das, Al Mojnun Shamim, Khurshid J:An extensive analysis of the health hazards for RMG workers in apparel sector of Bangladesh. Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology 06/2020;6(4):141‒146, DOI:10.15406/jteft.2020.06.00242

Paper Published in 2019:

13.  Rony Mia*, Md Selim, Al Mojnun Shamim, Miraduzzaman Chowdhury Mugdho, Suraiya Sultana, Manijah Armin, Musfic Hossain, Rozina Akter, Shuvo Dey, Hasnun Naznin: Review on various types of pollution problem in textile dyeing & printing industries of Bangladesh and recommendation for mitigation. Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology 08/2019; 5(4):220‒226., DOI:10.15406/jteft.2019.05.00205

14.  Burhan Uddin Banna, Rony Mia*, Khaleda Sharmin Tanni, Nafisa Sultana, Al Mojnun Shamim, Rahat Khan Turzo, Foysal Khan Limon: Effectiveness of dyeing with dye extracted from mango leaves on different fabrics by using various mordants. North American Academic Research 10/2019; 2(10):123-143., DOI:10.5281/zenodo.3519880.

Paper Published in 2017:

15.  Rony Mia*, Md. Ariful Islam, Bulbul Ahmed, Jalal Ibn Amin Mojumdar: Woolenization of Jute Fibre. European Scientific Journal 10/2017;13(30),


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