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MBA in Textile and Apparel Value Chain

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Textile and Apparel Value Chain



The importance of business education has accelerated at a remarkable speed in the recent decades following the global structural adjustment programs coupled with many significant changes in business environment. Ever growing challenges in the business sector in modern days have made it an utmost necessity for the existing entrepreneurs and executives to update their knowledge and skill with latest developments in techniques and methods of business administration through a formal education to face and manage these challenges. The MBA degree has become a widely accepted qualification for business executives with an international recognition. A majority of employers view the degree as a passport to strategic decision-making positions. The MBA in Textile and Apparel value chain program prepares students to assume responsible positions as leaders and team members in the national and multi-national business organizations of the twenty-first century competing in the world market.



The program consists of 4 semesters spread over two academic years. Duration of a semester will be 19 weeks of which 15 weeks shall be devoted for class teaching, 1 week of break and 3 weeks for holding the final examination. For each course there will be 2 lectures of 90 minutes each in every week and thus there will be a total of 45 hours of class work (lectures) in a 15-week period.

In the first two semesters a student shall have to take 4 courses each (weighing a total 12 credit hours). Then in the third and fourth semester a student shall have to take 5 courses each (weighing a total 15 credit hours). Thus a regular student is expected to fulfill the course requirement in two academic years. At the end of the 3rd semester, each student will select a topic in consultation with the Guide/ Supervisor approved by the Supervision Committee toward fulfillment of the internship program. Throughout the 4th semester the student will build up the theoretical framework in consultation with the supervisor along with carrying out the normal course load. After completion of the final examination of the 4th semester, each student should undertake a 3-month internship program in an organization, selected by the MBA Supervision Committee and submit the report within 12 weeks. However, a student admitted into the MBA program must earn the degree within three academic years.




The MBA in Textile and Apparel Value Chain Program requires a student to undertake a total of 54 credit hours of course work and an internship program followed by a Project paper and its defense of 6 credit hours. The credit hours are distributed as follows:

a)     Completion of 18 Courses

18 × 3= 54 Credit Hours

b)     Project Paper and Defense on Internship

6 Credit Hours


60 Credit Hours


Course Code

Course Title

Credit Hours

MBA 1101

Management Theory and  Practices


MBA 1102

Principles of Accounting


MBA 1103

Business Communication


MBA 1104

Managerial Economics


MBA 1201

Marketing Management


MBA 1202

Human Resource Management


MBA 1203

Business Law and Legal Environment


MBA 1204

Business Research Methodology


MBA 2101

Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Textiles


MBA 2102

Organizational Behavior


MBA 2103

Integrated Product Development


MBA 2104

Managerial Accounting


MBA 2105

Operations and Materials Management


MBA 2201

Financial Management


MBA 2202



MBA 2203

Negotiation in Supply Chain Management


MBA 2204

Brand Management


MBA 2205

Strategic Management



Internship / Project Paper



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