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Laboratory Facilities

Department of Computer Science & Engineering Department

NITER is the hub for the Technology Symposium gives significance to the facilities of our four computer laboratories for the graduates. The skill-up facility contains the following laboratories.


Computer Lab 1 (AC-202)


38 high configured computers with all-time projector facilities are available in this air conditioned lab under close-circuit camera surveillance. Updated software’s in the application such as Smart Textile / E-Textile, Fashion Design, Garments and Weaving Technology are used to facilitate students with skilled boost-up.

Available Software’s Installed :

CodeBlocks, Notepad++, AutoCAD 2007, Solidworks 18, MATLAB 15, Adobe Photoshop 10, MS Office etc. 


Computer Lab 2 (AC-217)


This laboratory is designed with 40 highly configured computers of modern technology with all-time projector facilities are available in this air conditioned lab, is under close circuit camera surveillance.  Updated software’s have a significant application in the area such as Smart Industrial and Production Design, Fashion Design, Garments AutoCAD etc.

Available Software’s Installed:

CodeBlocks, Notepad++, Lectra Modaris, CorelDraw, Bel Manager,  Adobe Photoshop CS 6,  MS Office  etc.


Advanced Computing Lab (AD-111)  

We built this programming lab with some insightful insight into the development of knowledge and expertise on the technological web. Basic software / compilers / editors for programming have been introduced to this laboratory workspace. The journey of learning and experience starts here and enriches each student with a wide range of technical sounds.

 Programming Lab (AC-131) 


We designed this programming lab with some interesting idea of skill generation and information enhancement on the technical platform. All the basic programming software / compilers / editors have been added to this laboratory workshop. The journey of ability and skill begins here and enriches each of the students with a full range of technical sounds.

Available Software’s Installed:

CodeBlocks, Notepad++, NetBeans IDE, Eclipse, Visual Studio  10, Adobe Photoshop CS 6,  MS Office  etc.


Communication and Computer Networks Lab (AC-205)


This laboratory is shown to be accessible for the advanced (IOT, Networking Devices, Simulators) technical equipment. Students are facilitated with the most updated modern equipments such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, LCD Color TV Trainer Board, Data Transmission Board, DSS Transmitter and Receiver, 8086 Microprocessor, 8051 Microcontroller, Computer Networks, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers etc.

List of Apparatus


1.  Digital Storage Oscilloscope-100Mhz

2.  Digital Function Genaretor-5Mhz

3.  Digital DC Power Supply-0-30V-5A

4.  Digital Multi meter

5.  Arduino UNO

6.  Raspberry Pi3 B+

7.  Extra Bread Board

8.  IC, Resistor, Mosfet, Transistor ETC

9.  Port Switch

10.  Data Communication Trainer Board

11.  Amplitude Modulation/ Demodulation Trainer Board

12.  Frequency Modulation Trainer Board

13.  Pulse Code

14.  Trainer Board to study Frequency Division Multiplexing

15.  Trainer Board to study Time Division Multiplexing

16.  Wireless Access Point(Router)

17.  Wi-Fi LAN Card

18.  LAN Cable Tester

19.  Networking Cables (1 coil)

20.  Display Boards of various types of cables & connectors used in Computer Network

21.  Tool Kits

22.  Trainer Board to study working of color LCD monitor

23.  Trainer Board to study switch mode power supply

24.  DSB/SSB AM Transmitter

25.  Oscilloscope

26.  Assembler for 8085 Programming Trainer Board

27.  Logic Gates Trainer


29.  Half Adder and Full Adder

30.  Adders and Subtractors Trainer

31.  Flip-Flop (S-R, JK, T) Trainer Board

32.  Multiplexer & Demultiplexer Timer (IC-555)

33.  ASK, PSK, FSK Modulation and Demodulation

34.  ASK, PSK, FSK Modulation and Demodulation

35. 7-segement display

36.  Power Supply (AC/DC)




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