NITER students awarded by NASA in NASA Space App Challenge 2018, 2019, and 2020 from Bangladesh

2018, Team Texguard: A smart jacket that can predict wildfire and notify People collaborating with NASA Satellite data

(Regional Championship from Dhaka, awarded in 2018)

Group members: MD. Mehedi Hasan Apu, Asma Akter, Fatema Tuz Zohora , Saifur Rahman Rafsan) (Supervising Teacher: Md. Mahbub Hasan, A.K.M Monjurul Haque)

2019, Team Lunar fellow: An Aluminum coated carbon Nano tube alloy, a multilayer fabric combined with aramid Nano fiber, and carbon Nano-tube coated with aluminum, is proposed to use to fight against lunar dust.

(Regional Championship from Rangpur, awarded in 2019)

(Group members: Aditi Sarker, Md.Sajib Hossain , D. M. Toufiqur Rahman Toukir, MD.Mehedi Hasan Apu, Asma Akter)


2020, Team Fly-high: During shutdown period because of covid 19 pandemic situation, whole World was stopped. To overcome the situation some countries started their mills, industries and economic areas. At the time of first and second phase due to covid-19 pandemic, it was very challenging to continue the work in Worldwide. A wearable shirt is designed, which has an optical fiber based lighting system. It can detect and give the alarm/signal to the user, if anybody come within 3 feet range or the person has above average temperature. Sensors/sensor cameras are used (Camera sensor, distance sensor, optical fiber, and washable circuit) to measure the distance and temperature.

(Regional Championship from Khulna, awarded in 2020).

Group members: Nazmul Hossain Nayem, Md.Salauddin, Sumi Saha, Runa Akter, and Mobashshara fardin


2020, Team FLITAXE: A micro filtration process is used for PAHs from Air. In our air capture machine, a suction fan will be used to input the air. A filter will be placed there to separate dust from macro particle. Then the partilces will go for the next step where it will capture PAH, and an exhausting fan will exhaust fresh air.

(Regional Runers up from Rangpur, awarded in 2020)

Group members: Shazed Muntashir Ovi, Arpon Chowdhury, Sumaiya Parvez Pranti, Jannatul Nayeem Shiham, and Kaneez Fatema



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